Becoming a Locksmith

Many individuals over the years have elected to become a locksmith. It has become an increasingly value and lucrative profession. It can be an honorable one as well because many individuals are not too keen on getting themselves locked out of their car or residence. Locksmiths provide a valuable service because they are experts in their field. They must stay abreast of various advances in technology and be aware of the various types of locks that they may encounter in their work. Moreover, they may work with simple locks as well as much more complicated examples and even security systems as well. Individuals who have a background in carpentry work and in electrical components may also enjoy a career in locksmithing. Part of the nature of the job, of course, is being willing to work irregular hours because getting locked out of a car, residence or business does not alway happen on a 9-5 basis. If you are considering a career in locksmithing, be aware that the Long Island area is in great need of your services, and be willing to find the answer to the following questions:

What kind of training do I need?

locksmanAn individual interested in the locksmithing field will undergo a comprehensive course that will cover a number of topics. The training will usually cover such topics as key identification, key making, lock picking, lock installation, commercial locks, residential locks, safe and vault locks, master key systems, and locks of a high security nature. Many young locksmiths will also complete an apprenticeship with an experienced locksmith and often will go out into the field with them as well.

Do locksmiths have to be licensed or certified?

In most states, locksmiths most definitely have to be engaged in some sort of licensure program. For New York state, locksmiths need to be able to pass a criminal background check. The state obviously does not want anyone with a history of burglary or breaking and entering having locksmith knowledge. Sex offenders obviously would have a difficult time becoming a locksmith as well. Most states will generally require a comprehensive licensure and training program before a person can begin work as a locksmith.

What is the salary for a locksmith?

Experienced locksmiths will usually make in the high 30’s. However, it can be somewhat challenging starting out because most apprentices will only make just above minimum wage. However, once they have proven themselves, they usually are able to graduate to higher levels of pay. Of course, getting credentials can often lead to a higher salary and more opportunities for work as well.

What does the job market look like?

The job prospects of locksmiths are projected to grow at about 7 percent. While this is somewhat lower than other occupations, locksmiths usually can do better if they are relocatable. The reason is that much like any other occupation certain areas can become flooded. Thus, it would often behoove the young locksmith just starting out to consider moving to another area of their state or a different part of the country. Long Island is a pretty populated place, so there are plenty of opportunities for work. Locksmiths can become even more marketable if they are willing to consider the City and its boroughs as well.

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